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Rider Profile: John Doll
John Doll
John Doll
Nickname:  Mad Dog
BBS name:  johnd29  [PM]  [Email]
Hometown:  Wellesley, MA
Profession:  Teacher
Years racing:  18
Status:  Expert
Race number:  29
Race bike:  2004 Honda RS250  (Yellow and Black)
Team name:  Single Cell Racing
Sponsors:  Razee Motorcycle Center, Moto Market, Axljak Racing, Woodcraft, Sharkskinz, Rising Sun Cycles
Gear used:
Leathers:  Vanson
Helmet:  Shoei
Gloves:  Held
Boots:  Sidi
Back protector:  Vanson
Favorite pro rider:  Colin Edwards
Favorite track:  Loudon
Favorite saying:  Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?

Career highlights:  2nd overall 2006 LRRS Expert 125GP Championship

Race goals:  LRRS race wins, LRRS Season Championship