If you plan on racing a 125 and/or 250 GP bike in a USGPRU series race and wish to add your profile to the USGPRU riders list, please copy and paste the following in an email, enter your information next to each field (as appropriate), and send it to one of the forum admins or moderators.

If you wish to change or add to your profile, please send only your new information along with your name.

Name: (first, last)
Location: (city, state)
USGPRU region: (East or West)
Photo: (Attach a picture of yourself or you on your bike. Make sure you own the rights to the photo you send. Please make sure your name is how the picture is saved ex: JohnDoe.jpg)
Year started racing:
Expert or Novice:
Nicknames: (please no more than 20 characters)
Web site address:
Team Name:
Bike: (Year Make Model)
Competition Number:
Bike's Color Scheme:
Racing Career Highlights:
Gear brand used: leathers, helmet, gloves, boots, back protector
Favorite pro rider:
Racing goals:
Favorite track: (one track only!!!)
Favorite saying: