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USGPRU F-450 bike build

USGPRU F-450 bike build
by Geoff Maloney, owner of GPTech

Once it was announced the USGPRU was going to have a class for the 450's I gave Stu Aitken-Cade a call to see how we could help support the class. Initially Stu didn't realize we even made parts for the Yamaha YZ450 conversion.

There was a lot of debate going on the web about the real cost of building and racing one of these bikes. With everyone voicing his or her opinions about the class, Stu decided that in order to break through the Internet noise, he needed to build one himself. But running the series meant that Stu simply didn't believe he had the time needed to build one. I thought if the only thing preventing Stu from converting a 450 was the time and effort it takes to put one together, why not volunteer GPtech's time.

Stu wanted to do the project for under $8,000 including the cost of the donor bike. We see many of these beautiful machines built by Roland Sands and others, that clearly run in the $15k-20k+ range. We wanted to show that you could build a good bike for a lot less money. In order to meet the target price we were going to use a few second hand parts in addition to the conversion parts we manufacture.

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